Wafi City – Experience the Best Fusion of Art, Food and Entertainment

The minute you enter the city of Wafi, its impressive and distinctive art will convey the very essence of this much sought after tourist destination. Wafi is a city within the city of Dubai and promises infinite entertainment and leisure for its visitors. Its exterior resembles ancient Egypt and is reminiscent of a rich history and culture. This Egyptian theme is carried onto the city’s amenities which include a unique range of galleries, restaurants, boutiques, shops, malls, bars and pubs.

While exploring Wafi, its artistic grandeur would be hard to overlook as the city is filled with elegant sculpture and statues which include subtle mosaics and carvings. The city regularly hosts exhibitions by both amateur as well as veteran international artists while art galleries feature works by artists and designers from all over the world. The Element’s CafĂ© is a fine blend of art and snacks while Memoir and Petals can be considered as novel concepts due to their unique displays. Sheer elegance and charm are unraveled in Wafi Fashion as creations by world’s finest designers such as Chanel and Escada, Versace and Kitson are available at this shopping paradise. Many visit Wafi not only to shop but also to acquire knowledge and inspiration from this much valued elegant collection.

Over 30 restaurants in Wafi city offers a dazzling array of cuisine which not only will appease your hunger but be pleasing to the eye as well. The food ranges from Mediterranean cuisine to Indian delicacies and such an elaborate and fine combination can be experienced only at Wafi. The settings of these restaurants are equally charming and are ideal to indulge in these fine arrays of cuisine and this is experienced best at Raffles Fire and Ice Grill with its unique fire and ice combined cuisine at the renowned Dubai hotel, Raffles Dubai.

Encounter Zone with its exciting rides and games provide endless entertainment for the whole family and the indoor climbing wall is ideal for those who are seeking a little bit of adventure and excitement. An exquisite collection of bars such as Crossroads Balinese and Plan B are ideal for a fun filled night out at the city but Raffles China Moon Champagne Bar surpasses them all with its picturesque views. A trip to Dubai would not be complete without visiting Wafi and all these attractions can be explored while indulging in the finest accommodation amenities at Raffles Dubai,


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