If you are thinking to choose Newcastle this weekend as your ultimate destination to derive immense pleasure and fun with your friends, then you can of course think of enjoying something real exotic and wild during your stay. The city, which was actually formed on the northern banks of the famous river Tyne, is also called by some as Newcastle.

This place has yet again another distinction to its credit. It is in fact a business hub of cola and wool trade. This is the reason you can get glimpse of a prosperous economy prevalent across the entire city. This aspect has served as a blessing in disguise for tourists flocking this city during the entire year. Since it is a prosperous place, it can afford to imbibe all state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. This way it adds to a modern outlook towards the city and goes a long way in making your stay comfortable. This ensures you can be sure to derive tremendous amount of fun, frolic and entertainment.

In recent years, the city has gained its popularity from presence of south-American footballers, clubbers, business guys, stag merrymakers, students, Prime Ministers, to name a few. The infamous Newcastle nightlife includes Quay Side, Central Station, and Bigg Market. Besides having beautiful people, it also houses many tasty restaurants, which you can locate in, for instance, Osborne Road area. The city offers the best possible entertainment friendly setup, which can literally make you excited to explore these avenues of having fun.

People going for their weekends normally like to get naughty and wild. For them, it is always a better option to hit the town and party hard during entire night. Some even fancy strolling around and have a look at women who wear very little at freezing cold. The city has worked overnight to carve out a reputation for itself as one of the top stag weekend destinations in United Kingdom. One of the major attractions being presence of lot of bushes and woods that goes to give you an idea about the greenery of the city. It is here in these wood and bushes where normally most types of shooting activities are done. For instance, you can shoot clay pigeons with the help of rifles and shotguns. There are many variations in activities some of which include names like, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking, Go-Karting, Lap Dancing, etc.

These days, most professional who have to put in a whole lot of hard work as a part of their busy work-schedule, find going to Newcastle weekends as the best option to rejuvenate their mind and body. Moreover, availability of modern day state of the art facilities also guarantees them of expecting a weekend that would b filled with entertainment and fun. In addition, those who come here to give shape to their stag weekend celebrations make their dreams come true in a unique fashion. The impeccably beautiful looking view of the bridges certainly conveys to them how their stay is going to be. As it is said, ‘Morning shows the day’!