If you are someone who has small children at home, it can be difficult trying to figure out how to keep them entertained all day long. Their attention spans are short and they simply have too much energy! The key is to keep them moving so that they can lie down for a nap in the afternoon. At least that gives you a short break to recoup yourself! Running around outside flying kites, riding bikes, or kicking foam balls certainly helps get all that extra energy out. Rainy days are inevitable, however, and no one wants to go outside then! If you need an indoor activity to entertain the kids with, you should have some arts and crafts on hand!

Arts and crafts are great but you need to be in a place where you can get messy! I recommend the kitchen because this room is already mess-proof. You can always work on the floor but to make things comfortable for everyone, especially you, you need to set up the arts section on a kitchen island table. This table is usually built for some abuse so it can handle anything your kids throw at it. To make clean up easy, you should lay down some old towels or a disposable tablecloth on the surface and you are set!

Now for the crafts. You can do several different projects with only a handful of materials. You will need colorful construction paper, crayons, washable markers, stencils, tape, glue, and scissors. Extra goodies are sparkles or glue-on accessories. Once you have these materials, you are set for any rainy day! Here are some easy ideas for crafts that you can enjoy right alongside your kids.

1) Coloring. Never underestimate how much fun it is to take crayons or markers and create a picture. Your kids will love that you feature them on the refrigerator later so that everyone can see their artistic creations!

2) Cards. Fold the paper in half or in fourths and come up with someone for whom they can write a card. This card could be for dad, grandma, or even you! Let them choose who will be the recipient and help them write down what they want to say. When they know that someone else is going to see this card, they will work hard on doing the best they can!

3) Create something together, such as a wreath. For the base, use a paper plate with its center cut out. Using the stencils, design leaves, flower, or shapes and cut them out for your kids to decorate. When they are finished, glue everything together and you have something to which everyone has contributed!

Rainy days can be just as fun as sunny ones! As long as you have a sturdy kitchen island table, some paper and crayons, and eager kids, you are well on your way to having lots of fun.